SSL Provides Security and Business Legitimacy

As consumer demand for products and services increasingly turns to the web, the amount of business transacted online is growing substantially. E-commerce is skyrocketing and, as a result, so are the concerns about the security of online transactions. When widespread concern about the lack of security technology grew paramount in the 1990's, the result was the development and release of Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, in 1996. By providing transaction security to hundreds of thousands of business websites, SSL was the answer to the growing concerns about securing online business. and o encourage online consumer business.

Since its inception, SSL has become the de facto standard for the protection of online transmission of sensitive information. In fact SSL certificates, which authenticate and encrypt data transmission, are critical players in web-based security. Anyone who has typed their credit card number or personal information online has likely experienced SSL first hand. Yet most online consumers do not recognize that their data is being encrypted, or what it is exactly that is providing that encryption. What they feel is an overall sense of security that SSL provides.

SSL Symbolizes Consumer Confidence

The implementation of secure SSL protocol into web-servers and browsers is now the foundation for competitive online business. At the technical level, display of the little yellow SSL padlock means the site is supported by a secure https websites display the SSL padlock, consumers are comforted knowing the protection of their identity and information is assured.

Through the efforts of SSL providers, industry moguls, consumer media and literature, consumers have been educated to search out the SSL padlock before offering any sensitive information online. This is why consumers today associate the SSL padlock with trust and integrity of a website, and further, legitimacy of the business who owns the site. It is therefore vital that any e-commerce business hoping to gain the trust and confidence of e-commerce consumers consider the implementation of SSL technology: websites with SSL indicators like the yellow padlock are, to consumers, valid organizations and legal entities. SSL security protocol may provide a commercial website with a number of security and business authentication services, but for over 210 million US e-commerce users, SSL symbolizes a legitimate incorporated business.

Entrust SSL Products Sustain Consumer Confidence

Entrust specializes in SSL products to help e-commerce and other online organizations secure consumer confidence. With software solutions designed to protect web communications, encrypt data transfer, and provide digital authentication, Entrust (EV) SSL certificates, to meet the growing security needs of online organizations and the e-commerce industry as a whole. And as a WebTrustSeal recipient, Entrust is a leading Certificate Authority: Entrust SSL products will provide the same quality assurance and confidence that websites want to present to each of their users.

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