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SSL is the Ideal Choice for Enhancing Organizational Security

With the phenomenal increase in the use of networking, both the Internet and Intranets are now a standard infrastructure for the exchange information. Since electronic communication has become so popular, many services are now readily available that were barely thinkable five years ago: services such as electronic commerce, distance learning, remote libraries, etc. Yet with the expanding opportunities to communicate electronically comes the increasing need to protect those communications as well, particularly wherever sensitive information is transmitted. This is why cryptographic security solutions, like those using the secure SSL protocol, are an ideal component of organizational security for both internal and online business applications.

SSL Servers and Certificates are the Foundation for Security Strategies

The incorporation of SSL technology into your organization's security strategy is an easy way to send a serious message about the value of security. It begins with establishing a SSL certificate provider, like Entrust. If the SSL server certificate can be verified by the client browser, then its identity is authenticated and the certificate is accepted. Upon acceptance, the SSL server enables an encrypted channel through which the client and the server can exchange data.

Entrust SSL Server Certificates Build Trust Networks for E-Business

SSL server authentication is important. Visitors want to be able to trust the site they intend to communicate with, especially wherever their personal or financial data will be used. Entrust SSL server certificates help create that trust as they allow visiting web browsers to reliably authenticate the web server on which they are installed. This is because Entrust SSL server certificates are only issued after a rigorous and thorough authentication process; one in which certificates and encryption keys are uniquely assigned to the subscribing domain, but only upon verification of its identity and rightful ownership. As a result, SSL servers that deploy Entrust certificates are quickly authenticated by visiting browsers. In fact, Entrust is accepted by over 99% of existing browsers as a trusted certification authority. So with the faceless medium of Internet, and the expanding opportunities it offers for electronic communication and business applications, the importance of building a trust network can not be overstated. With an SSL server with Entrust SSL certificates to enhance organizational security, however, you are definitely one step closer.

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