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SSL Security and the E-Commerce Industry

To maintain a competitive advantage in the e-commerce industry, an organization must have control of its critical business information both inside and outside the enterprise. It must also be able to assure the reliability of that information, particularly when the organization takes business practices online. Organizations can benefit greatly from automated business processes. In fact, the transition to digital forms and documentation, automated workflow, and online transactions can increase business productivity while reducing overall costs. Yet many organizations struggle with the idea of protecting their corporate and client information when transitioning to electronic business, and this move can be challenging if it is not adequately managed.

SSL Security Solutions Protect Online Business Transactions

To ease the anxiety about taking business operations online, Entrust offers a variety of SSL security solutions to protect sensitive information from Internet-related risks. As an unsecured medium for communication, the Internet can be a vulnerable place for transmitting sensitive information like a company's customer health, proprietary documents and corporate financial records. This is why Secure Sockets Layer technology was designed; it protects the confidentiality of information as it is transferred between web users via an enabled https ssl-secured communication channel. Entrust uses the SSL security protocol in the form of deployable server certificates to secure sessions between web servers and client browsers, thus protecting business practices as they are conducted over the Internet and private Intranets as well.

Since its inception, SSL has become the world's standard for the protection of information as it is used and transmitted via the Web. As a result, SSL security is now an integral part of the e-commerce industry, especially wherever the use of personal or financial or data is required. SSL security has become equally essential to automated business practices as well, for it secures the communication and transactions conducted between organizations and their clients, employees or partners. This is because it encrypts electronically transmitted data as it travels between computing endpoints using the secure https communications protocol. This prevents the information from being deciphered or intercepted en route to its intended user.

Entrust SSL Security Offers High-Assurance Protection and Encryption

Entrust offers a variety of SSL security products to help organizations ensure the confidentiality of critical business information. Entrust SSL certificate provider and, as such, is accepted by over 99% of web browsers. Although the move to automated business practices may seem intimidating, it doesn't have to be. Ease the transition with Entrust SSL security solutions.

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