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SSL Certificates

What are SSL certificates and why do I need them?

SSL certificates are an essential component of the data encryption process that make Internet transactions secure. They are electronic files that provide authentication to protect the confidentiality and integrity of website communication with browsers.

The SSL certificate’s job is to initiate secure sessions with a user’s browser via the secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol. This secure connection cannot be established without the SSL certificate, which digitally connects company information to a cryptographic key.

Any organization that engages in ecommerce must have an SSL certificate on its Web server to ensure the safety of customer and company information, as well as the security of financial transactions.

Types of SSL Certificates

Standard SSL Certificate

Secures Web servers and contains extensions for server authentication.

Advantage SSL Certificate

Has the capabilities of standard SSL certificates, but also secures browser-to-server information and includes unlimited re-issue guarantee.

EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

Provides the highest level of assurance available by securing the most sensitive online transactions. Provides real-time verification of business identity. Secures multiple domains with one EV certificate.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Secures an entire domain with one certificate. Protects any number of subdomains such as www.company.com, dev.company.com, mail.company.com, etc.

UC Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

Secures Microsoft® Exchange® and Microsoft® Office Communications Server® and is also used for securing multiple domains with a single certificate.

Private SSL Certificate

Secures non-qualified domain names such as reserved IP addresses and local host names. They are also used for securing internal fully qualified domain names that do not require public trust. Private SSL certificates can secure multiple values in a single certificate.