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Importance of a Trusted SSL Certificate Provider

Initially the use of SSL encryption technology was coordinated by independent professional organizations known as SSL certificate providers. As trusted authorities, SSL certificate providers issued server certificates to organizations wishing to incorporate SSL security measures into their business applications and network infrastructure. As part of its procedures for obtaining a certificate, the SSL certificate provider would require the subscribing organization to follow an authentication process. This process included the submittal of credentialing information about the organization and verification of the organization's existence. The SSL certificate provider would also confirm that the organization has the ownership or exclusive right to the domain, and that it has the authority to obtain the requested the SSL server certificate (or SSL certificate provided three key security services for its holder: authentication, confidentiality, and integrity.

Until recently, virtually all security certificates changed the model by which they were issued. Now a new lower-assurance, domain-validated, certificate is being offered by some SSL certificate providers, and is becoming more and more frequently seen. The lower-assurance certificate bypasses the identity authentication segment of industry's standard issuance process; this means that the SSL certificate providers who offer them are not authenticating the subscribing organization prior to issuing the certificate. Not only do these lower-assurance SSL certificates provide only two of the possible three key security services, confidentiality and integrity, these certificates are difficult for the standard client browser to distinguish from higher-assurance certificates. As a result, many online enterprises may be at risk of losing consumer confidence, crippling the e-commerce industry.

As a trusted SSL certificate provider and WebTrust Seal recipient, Entrust specializes in higher-assurance certificates that follow rigorous issuance procedures. Authentication is not only an integral part of the issuance process, it is vital to the integrity and security embodies by the certificate. Committed to the WebTrust standards and principles for the SSL certificate provider industry, Entrust authenticates the subscribing organization before issuing each and every certificate. Stamping and sealing the certificate with the Entrust name is an endorsement of this authentication and the issuance process, and is why Entrust is trusted by over 99% of existing browsers.

Only the use of higher-assurance certificates will contribute to the legitimacy of online organizations and their services. Certificates with holders that have not been authenticated by a trusted SSL certificate provider not only undermine the security of the e-commerce industry, but they are inherently worthless. Entrust SSL certificates build consumer confidence. No matter which variety of SSL certificate your business requires, Entrust certificates authenticate your organization while securing the information electronically exchanged with clients and partners. And since research suggests that a certificate issued by a recognizable SSL certificate provider can positively influence the sales of e-commerce entities, the trusted Entrust reputation makes its SSL certificates the ideal choice.

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