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SSL Certificate Enables Secure Online Transmissions

The security of online data transfer has been standardized by the invention and widespread utilization of Secure Sockets Layer. As a cryptographic protocol, SSL is designed to encrypt the information that is communicated between two computing endpoints using a public- and private-key system. In less than a decade after its introduction in 1996, SSL became the standard by which to protect data transmissions, and has now been incorporated into most web servers and browsers. At the heart of this security protocol is the SSL certificate, or SSL cert, which serves as the mechanism for initiating secure SSL transmissions.

What is an SSL Cert?

An SSL cert is a digital document that provides unique and identifiable information regarding the certificate holder. Typically the holder will be a Web site domain, whose identity is authenticated by an SSL certificate SSL applications are just as critical to the security of server to server communication, as well as that between network servers and hardware devices.

What ever its intended use may be, the SSL cert is a fundamental component of SSL security. In order to make an SSL connection, the protocol mandates that the web server have an SSL cert installed. Residing there until needed, the SSL cert is deployed by the server whenever a client browser makes a request. The deployed certificate initiates the SSL session by presenting its contents (certified credentials and encryption key information) to the browser. The browser authenticates the certificate by checking to see that it has been issued, and therefore its contents verified, by a trusted SSL certificate provider, like Entrust Certification Authority. Once it is authenticated, the SSL cert is accepted by the client browser which, pursuant with SSL protocol, allows a secure pipeline to be enabled between the two endpoints. Any data transferred by the server or browser within this pipeline is encrypted.

Entrust SSL Cert Products Present Flexible Levels of Security

The decision to deploy an SSL cert will depend upon the nature of your business and the level of security your business applications require. Fortunately, Entrust has a variety of SSL cert products designed to help your business take advantage of the e-commerce industry while also securing online transactions between you and the consumer. Whether your business requires standard web server-to-client security, enhanced server-to-server communication, or website identification between wireless networks and mobile phones, Entrust has an SSL cert to provide the requisite level of security. They are also easy to deploy as the Entrust Certification Authority is a trusted name and accepted by over 99% of existing web browsers. If your business is looking to enhance consumer experience and confidence in online operations, then enable the transparent and seamless deployment of authentication and security with Entrust's complete range of SSL cert products.

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