Entrust Executive Leadership

Entrust's management team knows what it takes to transform organizations to take advantage of enterprise networks and the Internet for secure business transactions and relationships with customers, partners and employees. They have extensive experience in building effective organizations and have helped our customers save time, cut costs, decrease risk and increase productivity by getting more out of their technology investments.

With some of the industry's foremost thought leaders on the evolution of enterprise and government networks, and the role that security plays in an increasingly networked economy, our executives have influenced the direction and contributed to the evolution of digital security, particularly in the market of digital identities and information protection.

The management team is also focused on operating a company that it is optimally structured to deliver value to customers and partners, while providing significant opportunities for employees.

David Wagner

David Rockvam
Vice President Product Management & Marketing Communications

Robert (Bob) VanKirk
Vice President, Americas Sales & Field Services

Mark Reeves
Vice President, International Sales & Field Services

Rusty Atkinson
Vice President Customer Operations

Greg Wetmore
Vice President Product Development