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The Erosion of Online Consumer Confidence

Data sent over the internet can be picked off by anyone dedicated to its interception. The enormity of the World Wide Web was in fact cultivated by the need for people to share and exchange information with one another. It is only logical that some users would seek to exploit this desire to connect and share information.

Deceptive and misleading e-mail messages, coupled with the increasing number of malicious web sites, are increasingly to blame for the erosion of user confidence in the World Wide Web. Fraudulent online representation is compromising the online consumer's personal information, progressively wearing away at the legitimacy they envisage in secure online transactions. Such erosion is significantly impacting the ability for business entities to not only communicate with their customers, but conduct competitive e-commerce in general.

SSL Server Certificates and Efforts in Online Security

To counter the rising threats to online safety, a cryptographic protocol called secure sockets layer was developed to protect the transmission of sensitive data via the Internet. To provide such protection, the SSL protocol was designed to enable a secure pipeline of communication between two computing endpoints, and encrypt the electronically transmitted data as it was passed. Once a program was installed for a particular web site domain, SSL security procedures were implemented, and operated for the most part, automatically. In other words, SSL protocol did not require user intervention to initiate the process of securing communication: a server certificate, which validated the issuing domain server, would automatically be presented to visiting client browsers.

The deployment of a server certificate is the first step in establishing a secure communication pipeline between a client and a secure SSL-supported site server. When domain access is requested by a client browser, the SSL server presents a server certificate to the browser with information to authenticate itself. In this respect, server certificates are like a digital piece of paper that contains the credentials of the person, business, or organization to which the domain is registered. The data contained in SSL cert proves the holder is who they say they are, and that this identity is authentic. Accordingly, the client browser accepts the server certificate, and an encrypted channel is enabled between the two computing points for transmission of information.

Business Value of Entrust Server Certificates

Though data and identity theft will continue to represent a threat for online consumers and businesses, the employment of server certificates and SSL encryption technology are together restoring the faith in online security. And as a leading certificate authority and internationally recognized corporation, Entrust's expert cryptographers and software developers are similarly aiding e-commerce businesses to restore consumer confidence in the industry. With SSL server certificates Entrust provides online organizations with website identification, and their consumers the assurance that a rigorous validation of the organization was conducted before the server certificates were provided. Entrust SSL server certificates also enable SSL encryption of electronic data submitted between common web browsers and web servers. Whatever the nature of your business, its value is measured by the company's ability to secure client data and information in transit. Reinforce this security with Entrust SSL server certificate solutions.

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