Secure SSL

Secure SSL is critical to securing customer trust

As the Internet has become a primary source of commerce and communications, organizations have had to adopt security technology that provides users with the confidence that transactions are secure from theft and fraud. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology has become the standard for securing transactions. Secure SSL has been implemented in all major Web servers and browsers and is a critical part of electronic commerce today. The technology uses digital certificates to validate the identity of a Web site to browser users and enable encrypted communication.

When a secure security certificate can't be authenticated, users receive a warning in a dialog box that may recommend not using the Web site. For this reason, authenticating secure SSL certificates is critical to user confidence in a Web site and, consequently, to business viability. When companies around the world want superior secure SSL certificates, they turn to Entrust.

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Entrust delivers superior secure SSL solutions

With customers in 60 countries, Entrust offers layered security solutions that provide greater confidence for consumers, enterprises and governments. Entrust secure SSL certificates provide customers the operational efficiencies offered by e-commerce while delivering greater security for online transactions.

An Entrust SSL certificate enables up to 256-bit SSL encryption between browsers and Web servers and is easier to deploy than competitor products. And with 24/7 support and automatic notification of the expiration of certificates, Entrust helps customers prevent service disruptions and reduce monitoring costs. When Entrust customers purchase a one- or two-year certificate, they know they are getting a trusted brand whose root key has been embedded in the most common browsers for the last decade - essential to delivering a seamless user experience.

Secure Web transactions with a complete range of SSL certificates

Entrust offers a range of secure SSL certificates, including:

  • Standard SSL Certificates offering Web site identification and enabling 128- or 256-bit encryption between Web servers and browsers. Available in one-, two-, or three-year lifetimes.
  • Advantage SSL Certificates provide the ability to secure two virtual Web servers using the same secure SSL certificate via the Subject Alternative Name extension. Unlimited re-issue guarantee within certificate lifetime.
  • Unified Communications Certificates (UCC) offer greater flexibility to support powerful multichannel communications environments without sacrificing security controls.
  • Extended Validation SSL Certificates provide added visual cues such as the green address bar in today's advanced browsers, as well as the ability to secure one Web server with two different fully qualified domain names.

Entrust also delivers certificate management services to help manage the purchase and administration of SSL server certificates for multiple Web servers.

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