Entrust Datacard

Money for Web Hosters. Certificates for Customers.

By partnering with Entrust, Web hosters will increase revenue, improve service and build positive, long-lasting relationships with their customer base. And when you manage customer certificate issuance, you unburden them from tedious IT responsibilities and provide a value-added service that reflects positively on your brand.

You'll also receive volume discounts and a centralized certificate management hub that simplifies the purchase, deployment, renewal and expiry of digital certificates.

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Simple Online Management

With Entrust's specialized certificate management system for Web hosters, you can buy, issue, revoke and manage your customer certificates right from our easy-to-use online dashboard.

Same Certificates, Same Service

Through this partnership, Web hosters provide their customers the exact same Entrust digital certificates and services as if they purchased it themselves. The same certificate, service and site seal. But no management required by your customers.

Why Entrust?

  • Earn extra revenue by providing trusted Entrust digital certificates to your customers
  • Receive volume discounts on certificate purchases
  • Easy-to-use online certificate management
  • Resell Entrust's full line of digital certificates — SSL, digital signing and user-based
  • Streamline the issuance of digital certificates
  • Upload Certificate Signing Request (CSR) right from Entrust IdentityGuard Cloud Services SSL
  • Provide value-added products and services to new and existing customers

Not sure which Partner program is right for you?

Contact our Channel Team for expert advice and information on all available programs to find the right one for you.

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