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How do I install the L1M Chain Certificates on Microsoft Windows 2008 Server?

Article Number: 46492


How do I install the Entrust L1M Chain Certificates on Microsoft Windows 2008 Server?


1.  In order to install chain certificates into the server, you need to download two chain certificate files from Entrust certificate pickup link. These files are L1M Chain certificate (default file name: L1Mchain.txt) and L1M chain root / Cross certificate (default file name: L1Mchainroot.txt).


2.  Click Start > Run.

3.  Enter MMC and click OK.

4.  Go to File > Add/Remove Snap-in.

5.  Click Certificates, and select Add.

6.  Select Computer Account, and click Next.

7.  Select Local Computer and click Finish.

8.  Click OK to close the Snap-ins window.

9.  Double-click Certificates (local computer) to expand its view.

10.  Right-click Intermediate Certification Authorities and select All Tasks Import.

11. Complete the wizard to import the chain certificate. Browse to locate the chain certificate to  be imported (*.cer or *.txt).

12. Select Place all certificates in the following store and select the Intermediate Certificate  Authorities store.

13. Click Next; then click Finish to complete the wizard.

14. Repeat these same Steps for installing the L1M Chain Root / Cross Certificate.


15. To finalize everything, do an IIS Reset.