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How do I install Entrust L1M Chain Certificate in Apache HTTP Server?

Article Number: 46497


How do I install L1M Entrust Chain Certificate in Apache HTTP Server ?



    • To install Entrust L1M chain certificate, you need to have a L1K chain bundle file downloaded from Entrust certificate pick up link. This bundle file consists of L1M chain and L1M chain root / cross certificate into a single flat file. The default file name for this bundle file is L1Mchainroot-chain-combo.txt
    • Open your server’s HTTPD.CONF or SSL.CONF file and locate your virtual host entry for the domain to be secured by this certificate.

    ·        If you are not sure where you HTTPD.CONF file is located run the following command:

                                  openssl version -a


    ·       You will see at end of the returned information "OPENSSLDIR:" this is the path that is configured where OpenSSL will look for configuration files


      • Add the following line under the virtual host entry of your site/domain in the HTTPD.CONF or SSL.CONF file:

      SSLCertificateChainFile <path to certificate>/<chain bundle>


        • Sample of configuration file for Entrust L1K chain certificate installation: