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How are the L1K Chain Certificates installed on F5 BIG-IP?

Article Number: 46487


How are the L1K Chain Certificates installed on F5 BIG-IP?


To install the L1K Chain Certificates, complete the following steps:

** Note: These steps are based on Build 39 of the F5 Big IP version 11.3.0


Part 1 – Create a Chain Bundle file

Using the instructions below, combine the L1K Entrust Chain and L1K Chain Root/Cross certificates into a single file to allow both certificates to be imported into the F5 BIG-IP as one file.

    • Download the L1K Chain Certificate (default file name: L1Kchain.txt) and L1K Chain Root / Cross Certificate (default file name:  L1Kchainroot.txt) from your certificate pick up link.
    • Open a text editor such as Notepad and paste the certificates (including the BEGIN and END tags) into one text file in the following order:

    1.       L1K Chain Certificate  

    2.       L1k Chain Root/Cross  Certificate

        The result should look as follows:

        -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----

        (Chain Certificate)

        -----END CERTIFICATE-----

        -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----

        (Chain Root / Cross certificate)

        -----END CERTIFICATE-----

        Save the combined file as Chain_Bundle.txt.


    Part 2 – Import the Chain Bundle

      • Launch the F5 BIG-IP web GUI.
      • On the Main tab, click on System, select File Management then select SSL Certificate List.

        • In the upper right corner of the screen, click Import.

          • From the Import Type list, select Certificate.

            • In the Certificate Name box, type a unique name for the certificate.
            • In the Certificate Source box, browse to the location of your Chain bundle file created in Part 1 (Chain_Bundle.txt).

              • Click Import. The Chain bundle should appear in the Certificate List.