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How do I generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) on Microsoft Lync Server 2013 ?

Article Number: 46481

Question: How do I generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) on Microsoft Lync Server 2013?

Answer: Complete the steps below:

1.     Click on the Lync Server Deployment Wizard icon on Start screen (Windows Server 2012 version) to launch the wizard screen for deployment wizard.


2.     Click on Install or Update Lync Server System.


3.     Click run button on Step3. Request, Install or Assign Certificates to launch the Certificate Wizard Screen.


4.      Click on Request button to start CSR creation process.


5.     Click Next to continue.


6.     Select Prepare the request now, but send it later (offline certificate request)


7.     Click on Browse button for location to save or type on the box the location and filename for the CSR file name.


8.     Click Next on this screen since the template is not necessary for Public Trust CA.


9.     On this screen please type your Friendly Name and make sure the bit length is 2048 and check the box for Mark certificate’s private key as exportable. PLEASE BE NOTED, if this checkbox is not being checked during CSR creation process, then  the function to export the cert with private key from this server will be disabled  and this particular cert cannot be assigned for global token issuer (OAuthTokenIssuer).


10.    Type in your Organization, Organization Unit, Country, State, City and State.


11.    On this screen you will be presented with the Subject Name (CN) and SANS that listed for your server.


12.   If your server has been setup with SIP functionality then you might need to check the box for the domain listed on Configured SIP domains box.


13.  OPTIONAL: If you have any other SAN that you need to add then you can type on this box otherwise you can click next button to  continue.


14.  Click Next button to continue for the screens below.




15.  Click Finish button on this screen to end the process for CSR creation,


16.  The correct CSR should be looking like the screen shot below.