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How do I reactivate my Soft Token Identity on my iPhone?

Article Number: 46452

Question: How do I reactivate my Soft Token Identity on my iPhone?


Step 1: Reactivate the soft token

- Open the Entrust Identity Guard Mobile application. Enter your PIN to access the application.

- On the initial screen, press the gear icon circled in red to open the settings screen.

- On the Settings page press on the soft token identity that you want to reactivate. In this example, press on the AnyBank identity.

- In the identity specific settings, select Reactivate to clear your existing soft token identity.

- You will see the following warning screen:

-  Select Reactivate again to confirm that you want to clear the identity data. You will see the following screen where you can enter the new activation information that will be provided by the Self-Service module.

Step 2: Log into the Self-Service Module and inform the system the soft token identity has been deleted

- To access the Self-Service Module, go to https://managed.entrust.net/ and click on the IDG Self Service Login on the right hand side.

- Users should log into Self-Service Module with their Certificate Management Service user name and password.

- Since the soft token is no longer functioning, select the option “I can’t answer this type of challenge right now. Please let me answer a question & answer challenge”. You will then be prompted to enter the answers to your security challenge questions.

- Once you have entered the correct challenge responses, select the option “I’d like to recreate my soft token since I deleted its identity from my device”.

- Select "Yes" to confirm that you want to replace your soft token.

- The following reactivate screen is shown with your new identity Serial number and Activation Code:

Step 3: Enter the soft token activation information into the application

- Enter the new Serial Number and Activation Code from the Self-Service module into the application and select Save.

- Your Device will display a Registration Code that you must enter into Self-Service to complete the process.

- Enter the Registration Code into Self-Service and click Next.

- The Soft Token is now ready for use. Click Log into Certificate Management Service on the Self Service screen to login to the Certificate Management Service.