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How does a CMS administrator recover a lost eGrid?

Article Number: 46344

Question: How does a CMS administrator recover a lost eGrid?


If you have lost the PDF file containing your eGrid, or forgotten the password required to access the file, you must have the eGrid reissued using Entrust IdentityGuard Self Service. Follow the steps below to reissue the eGrid for 2nd factor authentication to CMS.

1. Access the Entrust IdentityGuard Self Service application at the following link: https://enroll.entrust.net/IdentityGuardSelfService

2. Login using your CMS User Name.

3. Bypass the eGrid challenge by selecting Please let me answer a question & answer challenge.

4. Answer the challenge questions.

5. Click on I'd like to have my eGrid reissued since I no longer have it.

6. Confirm you want to have your eGrid reissued by clicking Yes.

7. Enter and confirm a password that conforms to the password rules in the Password Rules pane. Each x becomes a checkmark if your password conforms to the rule. Click OK when you have finshed.

8. Click Download eGrid.

9. When prompted, save the PDF file. The default file name is in the format <Username>-egrid.pdf.

10. After saving the file, click OK. The eGrid will also be sent out via email. This may be useful if you intend to use it from a different device, such as a smart phone.

You may now use the new eGrid for 2nd factor authentication to the Entrust CMS portal at https://managed.entrust.net/.


Affected Products:

  • Entrust Certificate Services SSL Mgmt Service Account - Non-Pooling Version Not Applicable ALL Platform Not Applicable