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TN 8461 - How do I install my Server Certificate on Weblogic?

Question: How do I install my Server Certificate on Weblogic?


Download a copy of your Entrust server certificate. Locate the keystore file that you used to create your CSR. It must be the same keystore, otherwise your certificate cannot be imported.

You must also use the same alias you used to create the keystore. In our example, we have used myalias.

Run the following command to import the server certificate:

keytool -import -alias myalias -keystore c:\yoursite.keystore -trustcacerts -file c:\SSL.txt

To configure the certificate for use with Weblogic:

1 - In Weblogic server administration, expand Servers and select the server you need to update.
2 - Select Configuration -> Keystores -> SSL.
3 - Click the Change link under Keystore Configuration.
4 - Select Custom Identity and Java Standard Trust as the keystore configuration type and continue.
5 - For the Custom Identity Keystore File Name, enter the path to your Java keystore. Select Keystore type as jks .
6 - Enter your Custom Identity Keystore Passphrase as the password you used when you created the Java keystore
7 - Confirm the password, click Continue and then Finish.
8 - Go back under Servers and select the server that you are working with.
9 - Select Configuration -> Keystores -> SSL.
10 - Under Configure SSL, select Keystores as the method for storing identities.
11 - Enter the server certificate key alias (in this example, myalias was used), and the keystore password
12 - Click Finish to finalize the changes. You will need to reboot Weblogic for those changes to take effect.