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How do I create a CSR on a Plesk server?

Article Number: 46432

Question:  How do I create a CSR on a Plesk server?


1 - In the server administration interface, click on Domains.
2 - Select the domain that you need to secure, and then click Certificate.
3 - Enter the DN information for your certificate.

Certificate Name : Type your domain name
Bits : select 2048
Country : Select your Country where your business is registered
State or province : Type in your state or province
Location (City) : Type in your city or locality
Organization Name (company) : Type in your legal business or organization name
Organization department - Optional, the department the certificate will be used for (ie: IT)
Domain Name : Type in your common name (ie: http://www.entrust.net/ )
E-mail : Type in your email address. The CSR file will be sent to this address.

Keysize: This must be 2048 bit

4 - Click Request to generate your CSR.

5 - The CSR will be sent via e-mail to the address you specified in the form.