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Why do I get the error while after installing Discovery "The Discovery-Agent service failed to start"?

Article Number: 46402

Problem: After installing Discovery, why do I get the error  "The Discovery-Agent service failed to start"

Problem details:

When installing Discovery Agent or Manager on a fresh install of Windows, the installation completes successfully but the Discovery service fails to start. Nothing is logged by the Tomcat or Discovery. In the windows event viewer you see the following errors:


“The LoadLibrary function failed for the following reason: The specified module could not be found.”


“Could not load the Java Virtual Machine.”


“The Discovery-Agent service failed to start.”


The reason this occurs is because when Discovery is installed, the file msvcr71.dll cannot be found in the following locations:






The Discovery installer writes msvcr71.dll to C:\Program Files\Entrust\Discovery-Manager\jre\bin.


Copy the msvcr71.dll file to the other directories specified above, and Discovery services should start up.