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Generic Instructions for installing the Trusted Root Certificate

Article Number: 44466

Question: How do I install the Trusted Root certificate on my server?


You may have to install the Root certificate in addition to your Entrust SSL Certificate to install the SSL certificate on your Web server. Below are general steps. Consult your server's documentation for more detailed information.

  1. Open a text editor.
  2. Select the Entrust Root Certificate in your Web browser. The certificate begins with the line "----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and ends with "-----END CERTIFICATE-----". You must include both these lines.
  3. Paste the certificate into the text editor and save it as a file. If you are installing the certificate in a Microsoft Windows-based Web server the file name should have the extension .crt (for example, "entrustRoot.crt").
  4. Make a backup of the Root certificate file and store the backups in a secure location.
  5. Close the text editor.
  6. Install the Entrust Root certificate into your Web server as described in your server documentation or consult our Guides and Knowledge Base for assistance. The Root certificate should be installed as a trusted root (or trusted signer CA).


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