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SSL/TLS Certificate Installation Instructions - Sun Java System Web Server

Article Number: 46334

Before you begin
  • Never share private key files. 
  • If you plan on using the same certificate on multiple servers always transfer the private key using a secure method (e-mail is not considered a secure method of transfer).
  • Make sure you run the SSL Server Test at the end of the installation process to check your certificate configuration against SSL/TLS Best Practices.
  • For more information on SSL/TLS Best Practices, click here.


Installing your Entrust SSL/TLS Certificate on Sun Java Webserver
 1. Click the Download button in the pickup wizard to download your certificate files. Clicking the download button will produce a file named CertificateBundle.p7b.  This file includes your signed SSL/TLS certificate and the combined certificate chain.
2. In the Sun Java Webserver administration console, click on Server Certificates.

3. Click Install Server Certificate to start the wizard.

4. Select your configuration.

5. Enter the password your supplied when you created your Certificate Signing Request.
6. On Step 3 "Enter Certificate Data", select the radio button for the Certificate File option and browse to the CertificateBundle.p7b file that you downloaded in step 1. Click Next.

7. Enter a Nickname for the certificate to help you identify it in the future and select the listener.

8.  Complete the wizard to finish installing the certificate.

9. To configure the certificate for use, go to Configuration > Edit HTTP Listener.

10. Under General, check the box to Enable SSL and select the certificate you just installed.


Affected Products:

  • Entrust Certificate Services 1 Year Advantage SSL Certificate Version Not Applicable Language Not Applicable Platform Not Applicable