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How is a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generated on a Cisco ASA appliance?

Article Number: 46330


How is a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generated on a Cisco ASA?


To generate the CSR on a Cisco ASA appliance, complete the following steps:

** Note these steps are based on Cisco ASDM 6.1 and ASA 5505.

1. In the Cisco ASDM Configuration Tool, click Configuration and then click Device Management.

2. Expand Certificate Management and choose Identity Certificates.


3. Select Enroll ASA SSL VPN with Entrust.

4. Next to Key Pair, click the New button.

5. Click the Enter new key pair name radio button. You should distinctly identify the key pair name for recognition purposes.

6. Next to Size, select 2048.

7. Next to Usage, select General Purpose.

8. Click Generate Now. The key pair will be created.

9. To define the Certificate Subject DN, supply the following information:


- Common Name (CN):  Fully Qualified Domain Name that will be used for connections to your firewall
- Organization (O):  Company Name
- Country (C):  Country Code (2 Letter Code without Punctuation)


10. Click Generate Request.

11. Select the hyperlink request a certificate from Entrust. This text links to http://www.entrust.net/cisco where you can submit your certificate request to Entrust.







Affected Products:

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