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How do I enable SSL on my Internet Security & Acceleration (ISA) 2006 Server?

Article Number: 46307

How do I enable SSL on my Internet Security & Acceleration (ISA) 2006 Server?

• The SSL certificate has been imported onto the server
Depending on what you used to create your CSR (Entrust recommends IIS), you will need to import the certificate into the server where you created the CSR, and export it to a PFX file.
If you followed the Entrust CSR generations steps for ISA, you will need to follow these steps to import the certificate to IIS: SSL/TLS Certificate Installation Instructions - Microsoft IIS 5/6

Once you have complete these steps, you will need to export the certificate to a PFX file and import it on your ISA server. You can follow these steps: What are the steps for backing up and importing a certificate on Microsoft IIS 6?

• A listener has been created in the firewall policy.
Please refer to your ISA user guide on how to setup a Firewall Rule.  If you are renewing a certificate, your firewall rule should already exist.

If these conditions have been met, and you have imported the certificate PFX file on your ISA server, you can now follow these steps to complete the process

1. Open your ISA Server Management application and select Firewall Policy.

2. Right click on the firewall policy for the site in question and select properties.

3. Select the Listener tab.

4. Click Properties and select the Certificates tab.
5. Click Select Certificates and highlight the new certificate. Click Select.
6. Click OK.  Click Apply to save the changes.
7. The ISA server may have to be restarted for the changes to be updated.



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