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TN 8140 - How is the Trusted Root Certificate installed on Microsoft server?


How is the Trusted Root Certificate installed on Microsoft server?

NOTE: These instructions apply to the following server types:

Microsoft IIS 6
Microsoft IIS 7
Microsoft Exchange 2007 (Windows Server 2008)
Microsoft Exchange 2010
Microsoft Office Communications Server 2010
Microsoft Lync 2010
Microsoft ISA
Microsoft Forefront TMG


To install the Trusted Root Certificate, complete the following steps: 

    1 - Download a copy of the Entrust 2048 bit root certificate. This is listed on Root download page here:

    2 - You will want to make sure that you do not already have the root installed. In most cases, our root will already be on your server. 

    3 - On your Server, go  Start > Run and type "MMC" and hit enter
    4 - Click File, Add/Remove Snap-in

    5 - Select "Certificates" and click Add
    6 - A wizard will open. Select computer account and click next
    7 - Select Local Computer and click finish
    8 - Click close
    9 - Expand Certificates on the left hand side of the console window
    10 - Look in the Folder "Trused Root Certification" Authorites.
    11 - Check to see if you have an entry for Entrust.net Certification Authority (2048)

    12 - If you have this, you do not need to install a root certificate

    13 - If this is not listed, you will need to import the root certificate
    14 - Right click on the Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder and select Import under All Tasks.
    15 - Browse to the root certificate file that you downloaded and complete the wizard

    Affected Products:

    • Entrust Certificate Services 1 Year Advantage SSL Certificate Version Not Applicable Language Not Applicable Platform Not Applicable