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Last Modified: 2016-09-02 12:54:42.0

How do I install an Entrust SSL certificate on a Serv-U FTP server?

Article Number: 46380

1. Open the Serv-U Management Console, then click on "Limits and Settings".

2. Open the "Encryption" tab.

3. Click on the "Create Certificate" button to open the certificate creation dialog, and enter the information as follows:

Certificate Set Name - The name for the set of files Serv-U will create, including the certificate request (CSR)

Output Directory - The directory where the files will be saved.

City/Town - The city or town in which the company is based

State/Province - The state or province in which the company is based

Country - The two-letter code for the country in which the company is based

Organization - The name of the organization which is creating the certificate

Common Name / Domain Name - The fully qualified domain name through which the certificate will be accessed

Password - The password which will secure the private key

Key Length - The bit length of the key. 2048 is the default value. Lower values are faster but less secure. Higher values are more secure but slower.

4. Click Create.

5. When prompted, click "Yes" to start using your self-signed certificate.

6. Open the CSR file created by Serv-U in Notepad or Textpad, and copy the full text and provide it for the creation of your certificate.

7. Once your certificate is issued, copy the certificate text into your clipboard.

8. Open the .crt file created by Serv-U in step 4, and replace the self-signed certificate with the new, signed certificate.