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How do I create a CSR and install the certificate on a Mac OS X Tiger Server?

Article Number: 46300


How do I create a certificate signing request (CSR) and install the certificate on a Mac OS X Tiger Server?



Certificate Manager helps you create a CSR to send to your designated CA.

To request a signed certificate

1. Open Server Admin.

2. In the Computers & Services list, select the server you are requesting a certificate for.

3. Click Settings.

4. Click Certificates.

5. Click the Add (+) button.

6. Fill out identity information.

The common name is the fully qualified domain name of the server which uses SSL enabled services.

7. Enter starting and ending validity dates.

8. Select a private key size (2048-bit is recommended).

9. Enter a passphrase for the private key and click Save.

This passphrase should be more secure than a normal password. You should use at least 20 characters, including mixed case, numbers, and punctuation. Do not repeat characters and do not use words contained in the dictionary.

10. Click Request Signed Certificate.

11. Follow the onscreen directions for requesting a signed certificate from Entrust.

12. Click Send Request.

13. Click Done.

14. When Entrust completes the order the signed certificate is included in a link on the completed email.

15. Click Add Signed Certificate.

16. From your Entrust pickup link, copy the characters from ==Begin Certificate== to ==End Certificate== into the text box.

17. Click OK.

18. Click Save.

When the certificate is implemented for the server, you have to tell which Web site will use this certificate. Go in Server Admin > ConnectToYourServer > Web > Settings > Sites (this is the path for Tiger server). Then choose your site from the list and click the edit button, then go to the Security tab. Check the Enable Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) checkbox and select the certificate from the drop-down list. Click Save, then reset your Web server and you are done.


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