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SSL/TLS Certificate Installation Instructions - Plesk

Article Number: 46365

Before you begin
  • Never share private key files. 
  • If you plan on using the same certificate on multiple servers always transfer the private key using a secure method (e-mail is not considered a secure method of transfer).
  • Make sure you run the SSL Server Test at the end of the installation process to check your certificate configuration against SSL/TLS Best Practices.
  • For more information on SSL/TLS Best Practices, click here.


Installing your Entrust SSL/TLS Certificate on Plesk  
 1. Click the Download button in the pickup wizard to download your certificate files. Clicking the download button will produce a zip file that includes your Server Certificate and Certificate Chain bundle. Extract the certificate files from the zip file.
2. Login to your Plesk Control Panel.

3. Go to Websites & Domains and select the domain name that you requested the certificate for.

4. Click on Secure your sites.

5. Click on the SSL Certificate name from the list. Make sure you select the certificate name that you used to create your Certificate Signing Request.

6. Under the Upload Certificate Files section, click the browse button for both Certificate  (browse to the location of ServerCertificate.crt) and CA Certificate (browse to the location of ChainBundle1.crt).

7. Click Send Files.

8. Once again, click on Websites & Domains and select the domain name. Click on the Hosting Settings link right beside the domain name.

9. Under Security, select the certificate that was just imported from the drop down list and check the box to enable SSL Support.  Click OK to save the changes and complete the installation process.