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Installation of SSL Certificate into iPlanet 4.x

Article Number: 46285


How do I install my SSL certificate into iPlanet 4.x?


You must install the Entrust SSL Certificate to provide secure access to your Web server. Follow these steps:

  1. Install your Entrust SSL Certificate as described below. 
  2. Enable SSL in your Web server as described in your server's documentation.
That completes the certificate installation process. Users are now able to connect to your Entrust-secured Web site.
How to Install your Entrust SSL Certificate:
  1. Open the iPlanet Web Server Administration Server.
  2. On the Servers tab select your server and click Manage.
  3. Click the Security tab.
  4. Click Install Certificate.
  5. Under Certificate For: select This Server.
  6. Cryptographic Module should be Internal (Software).
  7. Enter the Trust Database password in the Key Pair File Password box.
  8. Leave the Certificate Name field blank.
  9. Select Message Text (with Headers).
  10. Open a Web browser and go to the URL that appears in the confirmation email you received from Entrust. The Entrust SSL Certificate is in the section named "Entrust SSL Certificate". The certificate looks similar to this example:
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
  11. Copy the Entrust SSL Certificate to your clipboard. You must include the "----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and "-----END CERTIFICATE-----" lines.
  12. Paste the Entrust SSL Certificate into the text box under Message Text ensuring that it is all left aligned with no trailing white space.
  13. Click OK.
  14. Click Add Server Certificate
  15. Click OK to the warning regarding the server having to be restarted.
  16. You should now receive a "Success" message, click OK.
  17. Now you must restart your web server for the changes to take effect.


Affected Products:

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