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Last Modified: 2016-07-05 15:58:01.0

Installation of SSL Certificate into BEA Weblogic 6

Article Number: 46278


How do I install my SSL certificate into BEA Weblogic 6?

  1. Login to the Weblogic Admin interface
  2. Click on your server.
  3. Click on the SSL tab
  4. Place a check mark in "Enable"
  5. Type in "443" for your SSL listen port
  6. Specify the /config/ location for the following:
    • Server Key File Name (Private Key),
    • Server Certificate File Name (Entrust SSL Certificate - signed public key)
  7. Place a check in "Use Encrypted Keys"
  8. Apply all changes and Restart your server.

Note: The Private key should be in DER format. The Entrust SSL Certificate should be in Base64 (PEM) format. Entrust distributes all certificates in Base64 (pem) format.

Note: You may rename your private key to a short friendlier name if you like. You can also manually set theses parameters in the config.xml file.

You will also need to specify to private key password. To do this in a Windows environment, you should,

  1. Edit the Startweblogic.cmd file

It should contain: -Dweblogic.management.pkpassword=password where password is the private key password you chose when creating the CSR.


Affected Products:

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