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What is the Certificate Request E-Form?

Article Number: 46247


What is the Certificate Request E-Form?


The Certificate Request E-form is a web page that provides the ability for an organization’s technical support individuals to request certificates from their desktop through a branded page.

The Certificate Request E-Form is useful for organizations that are decentralized and require staff other than the administrators to request certificates. The technical support individual does not need to email the CSR to the administrators. They can make the request for a certificate by filling out the Certificate Request E-Form. When a Super or Sub Administrator approves the certificate request from the interface, the certificate retrieval link will be sent to the requester.


Affected Products:

  • Entrust Certificate Services Enhanced Service Account Version Not Applicable Language Not Applicable Platform Not Applicable
  • Entrust Certificate Services Web Hoster Service Account Version Not Applicable English Platform Not Applicable