Digital certificates make HTTPS SSL more secure

For organizations and users wanting to conduct secure transactions over the Web, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Sockets Layer (HTTPS) provides the capability. A critical part of HTTPS SSL is the digital SSL cert, users can expect a seamless and secure online experience that helps build trust and loyalty for the organization. For the leading HTTPS SSL certificates, leading organizations in 60 countries turn to Entrust.

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Entrust provides HTTPS SSL server certificates and more

As one of the world's leading providers of layered security solutions to governments, organizations and consumers, Entrust offers market-leading HTTPS SSL solutions that help secure transactions and reduce administrative costs. Entrust HTTPS SSL server certificates offer a more secure interaction and deliver enhanced user confidence and transparent Web security.

Easier to deploy than other certificate SSL solutions can be purchased in durations lasting from one to four years. And Entrust products help reduce monitoring costs and minimize service disruptions by automatically delivering an alert when the certificate is about to expire.

Additional SSL solutions for HTTPS

Entrust delivers several HTTPS SSL solutions:

Entrust Standard SSL Certificates. Entrust Standard SSL Certificates deliver Web site identification and enable 128- and 256-bit encryption between common Web browsers and Web servers. These standard certificates are available in lifetimes ranging from one to four years, and are trusted by more than 99 percent of all browsers. And they include a 30-day re-issue guarantee, helping to minimize unexpected expenses due to possible errors during deployment.

Entrust Advantage SSL Certificates. These HTTPS certificates offer greater setup and deployment flexibility while securing communications, e-commerce, and private data moving between browser and Web server and between servers. Advantage HTTPS SSL certificates also offer the ability to secure two virtual Web servers using the same SSL certificate, and have an unlimited re-issue guarantee for the lifetime of the certificate, helping to reduce unexpected costs resulting from the possibility of errors during deployment.

Entrust Unified Communications Certificates. These certificates are designed for use with server products that support multiple secure communications protocols. They can secure 10 or more hostnames on a server with the same SSL certificate.

Entrust Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates. An EV SSL certificate that provides added visual cues in the new browsers such as a green HTTPS address bar, giving users the green light to proceed with sensitive online transactions as well as improving customer trust in the Web site.

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