Entrust Datacard

The Future of Cryptography

Entrust provides today's innovative organizations the opportunity to deploy hybrid elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) digital certificates or test their applications and services with the advanced ECC standard.

To help promote the deployment and use of ECC-based certificates, Entrust provides complimentary ECC demo certificates and identities. For organizations ready to improve the performance and strength of their digital certificates, Entrust offers ECC Hybrid SSL Certificates signed by Entrust's publicly trusted RSA 2048-bit root.

Entrust Hybrid SSL Certificates

Entrust enables organizations to leverage advanced ECC standards to improve the strength and performance of digital certificates today. An option on all Entrust SSL certificates, Entrust Hybrid SSL Certificates are ideal for scenarios where server-load performance is critical, and site visitors and the Web/app server are known to be compatible with ECC keys.

Hybrid certificates benefit from the performance of an ECC key combined with the global trust of Entrust's pre-existing RSA 2048-bit root. Learn more about the relationship between standard SSL certificates, hybrid ECC certificates and the full-path ECC certificates of the future.

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ECC Demo Certificates

Ready to discover if your organization's applications and services are interoperable with elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) certificates? Follow this simple three-step process and you'll be able to test different types of ECC digital certificates, including SSL server certificates and S/MIME certificates.

ECC Demo Certificates, which are fully NIST Suite B-compliant (i.e., all keys used in the chain are ECC), are compliments of Entrust.

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