Root Certificates

Entrust has five public root certificates available for free download to help developers get started securing their server.

Certification Authority Description Certificate Thumbprint
(SHA-1) Secure Server Certification Authority Legacy 1024-bit RSA root certificate which has been embedded in many applications that do not automatically update to newer root certificates. 99A6 9BE6 1AFE 886B 4D2B 8200 7CB8 54FC 317E 1539 Certification Authority (2048) 2048-bit RSA root certificate which supports SSL, S/MIME, Code Signing, Time-stamping, and Document Signing certificates. 5030 0609 1D97 D4F5 AE39 F7CB E792 7D7D 652D 3431
Entrust.Root Certification Authority Trust anchor used for Extended Validation (EV) certificates. B31E B1B7 40E3 6C84 02DA DC37 D44D F5D4 6749 52F9
Entrust Root Certification Authority - G2 Root certificate with a SHA-256 signature that may be used in future product releases. 8CF4 27FD 790C 3AD1 6606 8DE8 1E57 EFBB 9322 72D4
Entrust Root Certification Authority - EC1 Trust anchor used for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) certificates. 20D8 0640 DF9B 25F5 1225 3A11 EAF7 598A EB14 B547